Chris Hertz 

Acoustic Guitar Musician-  Singer/Songwriter


 Chris was born and raised in Saginaw, MI.  Exposed early in his life to music through his father's jazz band, he gravitated to the drums by playing on pots and pans at age 2!  Drummers that influenced his style ranged from Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck Quartet) to Ringo Starr (The Beatles).  He especially enjoyed the groups that fused jazz with rock including Blood, Sweat and Tears, and early albums by Chicago.
Because Chris always enjoyed singing in his various bands, he took up guitar while in college. Singer/Songwriters that influence his music are Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Michael Franks and other legendary musicians. This talent has led to solo gigs on the guitar, which in turn led to performing and songwriting which is what he pursues at this time.  Songs and music flow from his personal studio now located in Mount Holly, NC.  

The new "Heart of a Boy"  CD  is now available!  It includes 3 brand new original songs!  Buy it here!  Enjoy!!!   

Musicians have an uncanny ability to find like-minded musicians. Such is the case with David Demperio, and Chris. They found each other one fateful Valentine’s Day in 2012 at the Catawba River Artisan’s Gallery in Mount Holly, NC through a mutual friend Bobbi. Thus, brother found brother; one sporting a pony-tail, the other, jealous, but both with amazing similarities. A unique duo was formed – Demperio/Hertz! Let me introduce David –

David, aka Dr. D grew up in upstate New York, beginning his musical journey first with the cello in grade school and then with the guitar, drums and piano. Dr. D is a chiropractor by profession and practices in Belmont, NC, thus the Dr. D handle. He enjoys playing the drums in a rock band called Twice Shy, mandolin with a bluegrass group called Fire Creek Bluegrass Band, and now a variety of instruments with Chris and recent new member Mike Baucum in a trio called Demperio/Hertz/Baucum. They enjoy playing cover songs, as well as their own original tunes.

Dr. D began writing songs in his early teens and is in the process of recording some of those early works as well some new music including meditative music done on the synthesizer. Musical influences include the Beatles, Moody Blues, JJ Cale, CSN &Y, Van Morrison and CCR to name a few. Demperio/Hertz/Baucum Music prefers to seek out the smaller venues, vineyards, bistros and intimate spaces to share their music.
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